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for Healthcare Professionals

A 6-week course on becoming a more RESILIENT, GROUNDED and HOLISTIC Healthcare Professional

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Hi, I'm Tristan Charles; founder of RadTrain and radiographer with 14 years experience. I am also a qualified Breathwork Practitioner, which has given me quite a unique perspective about life as a healthcare professional.

And now I want to share this with you.

As you probably are aware, healthcare professionals are exposed to a wide range of stressful, emotional and traumatic situations; some of the things we see in our day-to-day lives would leave most people shocked. And that's the nature of our job. There's not much we can do about what we face "out there". So instead, how about we focus our time and energy on what's "in here".

I'm talking about SELF-CARE

Yes, I know. "Self-care" has become quite the buzzword lately. And for good reason! If there's anything this pandemic has shone a light on, it's that self-care needs to be approached in a holistic, sustainable and practical way. If we don't have that, and are exposed to a highly-stressed working environment, fear, uncertainty and chaos, then a lot of us are on a one-way ticket to Burnout-ville. 


This is where my course comes in.

1 Selfcare

So, what makes this "Self-care" course different to all the others?


We approach this course half with our head, half with our body. Ummm...what? I mean that although we go through all the theoretical stuff on self-care practices, the best way to really learn and embody this stuff is by doing it. So we will be LEARNING about things like mindfulness, meditation and breathwork...and then DOING mindfulness, meditation and breathwork practices.

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This isn't a quick fix type of course. While a lot of the practices that we'll learn can be great to implement in-the-moment to reduce stress, this work is more about getting to the crux of why we are feeling stressed in the first place, why we act and think the way we do, and then rewire some of these subconscious patterns that may not be serving us.


We walk the walk. I have been using these practices myself as a healthcare professional for years, so I have a pretty good idea of what works and what is just self-care mumbo-jumbo. You will be able to implement the tools you learn during this course straight away at work, and see (and feel) real, tangible changes.

During our 6-weeks together, we will:

  1. Debunk myths and misconceptions around self-care

  2. Get into a suitable mindset for developing your own unique self-care practices

  3. Explore practical tools, tips and tricks, as well as potential pitfalls to avoid

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What's involved?

This is not an assessment-based course.


This is a journey of self-discovery. 

You will be learning, exploring and practicing tried and tested methods of self-care and personal growth that have been around for millennia:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Meditation

  3. Breathwork

These three tools make up the foundation of the course. Don't worry if you haven't tried them before, or have tried them but couldn't keep at it. Simply setting the intention and showing up is 90% of the work.

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You will learn all of the basic theory around this work, as well as how to put it into practice and see results straight away.

Plus you will receive totally FREE:

  • Six Breathwork video tutorials, one to learn each week

  • Two guided meditation recordings

  • Lifetime discount for one-to-one breathwork-meditation sessions

Safe to say that this is not your typical healthcare course.

Why is this course for me?

All healthcare professionals face challenges, no matter how experienced they are. 

If you are a healthcare professional and you:

  • Want to bring sustainable practices to your career and life

  • Are lacking direction and motivation with your career

  • Can't switch-off after a shift, or you dread starting your next one

  • Feel stuck, stressed or burned out from work


...then it is safe to say that this course can help you:

  • Become more grounded, calm and in control at work

  • Bring more energy, satisfaction and joy to your work and everyday life

  • Show up in the best possible way for those around you

What will it be like?

Self-care looks different to everybody, depending on their current level of needs, motivation and past experiences, so I can't tell you exactly what doing this course will look like for you. I can, however, talk from my experience as a radiographer doing this work.

Breathwork and meditation has specifically helped me in my radiography life on two different levels:

1. Day-to-Day

It has given me tools to use on-the-job in order to reduce the stressful impacts of the things we see as healthcare professionals. It is amazing how the simple act of bringing control and awareness to your breath can have such a profound impact on how you act (or react) in the moment. Everything becomes less stressful, less overwhelming and more clear.

2. Long-Term

It has allowed me to become more aware of some destructive or unconscious behaviours that I would play out. For example, I would often find myself blowing up over tiny inconveniences at work - clerical errors, workplace policies, uncooperative patients. These periods would also coincide with my dissatisfaction with work and a bleak outlook on life in general. The stillness that meditation creates allowed me to look at the way my life was playing out from a different perspective, and gave me the ability to change path. 

FREE Self-care Webinar

Register for this free 30-minute webinar on sustainable self-care practices as a healthcare professional.

2. Selfcare
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3. Selfcare


Where can I access the course?

Anywhere in the world, thanks to the magic of the internet! This is a 100% online course.

What sort of commitment is involved?

I know you're busy, so I've condensed the theoretical learning part of the course into about 1 hour/week. The course runs for 6 weeks, and is drip-fed each week (you can view the content at your own pace, however).

There will also be a few extras along the way, including:

  1. Recommended reading - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

  2. Weekly instructional breathwork videos

  3. Guided meditation recordings

What is Breathwork?

Put simply, breathwork is about consciously using your breath to tune into and alter your inner environment/state/reality. There are multiple facets within the umbrella term "breathwork", ranging from a few quick deep breaths, to a 1 hour deep inner-journey.

The monthly live online breathwork sessions that you will get to attend involve the latter type of breathwork.

You can read more about breathwork here, but some say you need to experience it in order to fully comprehend it.

What if I can't Meditate?

I'm going to say this multiple times during the course, but EVERYONE CAN MEDITATE! If you have tried meditating and experienced frustration, a sense of "not getting anywhere", or pure boredom, then that is probably just what you needed to sit with during those sessions. Meditating is about sitting and watching what comes up in your mind. There is no "right" or "wrong" (although there may be "better" or "worse"). So trust me when I say this course will not only help you get "better" at meditating, but it will also help you understand the purpose of meditation a lot more clearly. 

Are there any Prerequisites?

You need to be working in, have previously worked in, or studying to work in, the healthcare industry. All healthcare professionals experience higher than normal levels of stress, trauma and burnout, so this course doesn't discriminate towards any particular profession.

Self-care for Healthcare Professionals

  • 6 weeks of recorded class material.

  • Breathwork video tutorials to learn every week.

  • Guided meditation recordings.

  • Lifetime discount breathwork sessions

Your total investment:

Get a FREE PREVIEW of the content, including video lessons and breathwork technique tutorials:

Or if you want to ask me a question:

FREE Self-care Webinar

Register for this free 30-minute webinar on sustainable self-care practices as a healthcare professional.

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