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CT Mentorship Program

Finally, a CPD program that...

Focuses on kicking goals, rather than logging hours

WON'T have you paying off large student debts

WILL lead to a rewarding and successful career

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Welcome! Tristan Charles here, your CT Mentor. When I started out in CT, I was thrown into the deep end...and I made A LOT of mistakes. Mistakes that I look back on now and think "if only I had a little more support, guidance and training, many of those mistakes could have been avoided". This is why I developed the CT Mentorship Program: so you don't have to make the same mistakes that I did.

By joining the Program, you will get:

  1. An over-the-shoulder look at how I run my CT department

  2. An in-depth learning about the technical and clinical aspects of CT

  3. All the best tips & tricks to become an AMAZING CT radiographer

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About the program...

The RadTrain CT Mentorship Program ​is essentially split into three components:

Online CT Champion Course - 8 modules of written, visual and video content covering everything you need to know about CT (and more!). Plus graded assessment tasks and recommended readings.

Regular one-on-one mentoring sessions via video call 

where we discuss everything you learned in the online course, plus whatever else you want to ask me!

Unlimited email support

If you come across something at work that stumps you, or if something in the online course doesn't quite make sense to you, you will get access to my personal email address. Contact me anytime!

What you learn will be tailored to your specific needs, wants and experience.


We will cover everything you need to know to be an AMAZING radiographer with a successful and satisfying career.


We won't cover things that you learn for the sake of learning, and then forget 3-months later because it is not applicable in your day-to-day job (and that means no Fourier Transform!).

You will also receive my complete set of CT Protocols in PDF format, including scanning and post processing parameters, as well as loads of useful tips and tricks.

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CT Syllabus

About me...

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Tristan Charles
CT Mentor
  • I am not your average button pusher.​ I have been a radiographer, CT Applications Specialist, I have managed radiology conferences and workshops, and now I run my own radiology training business

  • I am passionate about doing the best possible job for my patients and the people around me

  • I believe that sustainability should be incorporated into every part of our lives, including our career

During my career, I have seen too many radiographers come and go because they didn't have the support or motivation to make their career rewarding, successful or sustainable. This all comes down to the lack of access to relevant, engaging, substantial professional development resources to push them to better themselves and their career.

This is why I created the CT Mentorship Program. I want to change the way we learn and develop as radiology professionals. I want to improve the quality of care we provide to our patients. I want YOU to have a happy and sustainable career.


“Tristan is a great teacher and is really knowledgeable about all things CT from physics to patient care.

He really helped me to wrap my head around the theoretical principles behind CT as well as operating a CT machine and dealing with a variety of patient presentations and clinical questions.”

— Sarah, 4th year nuclear medicine student

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About you...

So, you're considering joining The League of Extraordinary Radiographers? Well, I'm looking for a few core values and qualities before I take you under my wing:

  • First of all, if you've made it this far then chances are you are self-driven and motivated to learn. And I mean actually learn, not just tick a box to fulfil your minimum triennial CPD requirements.

  • You care about your patients, and want to do the best possible job for them. Yes, some patients are rude, smelly, annoying and don't listen to you when you ask them to take off their pants, but you have a fundamental drive that puts their well-being first.

  • You feel like there's something missing from your job, or that you aren't quite reaching your potential. Perhaps you just need a little guidance?

  • You want a pay rise. Who doesn't!? But most employees don't just hand out cash willy-nilly; you have to show your worth to get ahead these days. You want to be in a position where your boss will bend over backwards to keep you happy, and that is what this program will do for you!

  • You get frustrated when the people around you are complacent with the status quo and they answer all of your questions with "that's the way we've always done things here" (and yes, in the picture below, YOU'RE BATMAN!)

If any of these statements are ringing true to you, then I would love to work with you!

On the other hand, if after reading that you feel a little bit queasy and just want to go back to pushing buttons and cashing pay cheques, then perhaps another CPD program may be more to your liking. But who am I to say? I'm not here to judge!

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Where can I access the program?

Anywhere in the world, thanks to the magic of the internet! That being said, I live and work in Australia so the premise of the program is based off Australian guidelines and our way of doing things (which hopefully isn't too different from other countries).

How long will it take me?

You will have 6 months to grow your CT wings and soar! Go through the online course at your own pace, and when you complete each module you can schedule a one-on-one mentor session at a time to suits you. You should allow 3-5 hours to complete each module, however this number will vary depending on your level of experience. There will also be recommended articles and text to read at your leisure. 

Can I claim CPD points?

After completing this program, you will have CPD points coming out of your ears! The MRPBA standards require you to complete 60 hours of CPD activities in a three year cycle, with a minimum of 10 hours per year. If you were to do the bare minimum, you would spend at least 20 hours on this program, so this will more than cover your yearly CPD requirement. If you're like me and want to get the most out of your learning, then you'll easily log more hours.

If you are a member of ASMIRT, use the Online Education / Distance Learning activity type to claim 2.5 points per hour.

If you work in another country, you may have to check with your CPD provider.


What prerequisites do I need?

You must have completed a degree in medical imaging (either undergraduate or postgraduate). You need to have a baseline knowledge of radiography and at least some exposure to CT. It would be ideal if you are regularly rostered in CT at your work. The amount of work experience you have had in radiography and CT is not an issue; you will benefit from this program if it is your first or 30th year on the job, as long as you align with the values and qualities previously mentioned.

The big question: How much does it cost?

Before I start asking you to cough up your hard-earned money, I have a question for you:

How much do you think a weekend conference would cost you?


Add up registration, flights, accommodation, transport, food and drink...$2,000? $3,000?

Now think about the benefits you would get out of that conference. You will probably hear about some interesting developments, learn a few tips & tricks from experts, and take home a bag full of lanyards and flyers. For the record, I do think conferences can be beneficial and have a place for CPD, but the problem is they are generic, and not tailored to your needs or experience.

Let’s look at the flip-side; Master of Medical Imaging (CT). After three years of part time intensive study, your knowledge stocking will no doubt be filled to the brim; whether or not ALL that knowledge will be useful, that’s up to the individual. And in regards to fees? I’ll just leave the number here and move on…$40,000.


Now compare this to the benefits you'll get from a self-paced course focusing on all the relevant areas of CT, designed and taught by an expert in the field, who will provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance throughout the program. I guarantee that you will walk away from this program more knowledgeable, confident and employable. That's what I want to offer you, all for a similar price as a weekend away at a conference, but not nearly as much as a Masters degree:

 This includes...

  • 6 months of unlimited access to the online course component

  • 6 months of unlimited email support

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions following every module

  • Graded assessment tasks for every module

  • PDF copy of all the course notes - yours to keep

  • A complete set of CT Protocols - yours to keep

  • Lifetime inclusion into the League of Extraordinary Radiographers

While you mull this over, let me offer you some incentives... 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you're still not sure that this program is right for you, you can cancel your enrolment and get a full refund (conditions apply - see refund policy)

Enrolment fees are tax-deductible if the course is directly related to your profession, which it is if you’re a radiographer. Think of this as 30% off the total price!


Ask your employer to sponsor you. Convince them that it is an investment in you as a valued employee. I have even taken the liberty of drafting a very convincing email for you to send them -

simply download it HERE

Try it for FREE before you buy! Click the button below to try to ENTIRE first module on CT Concepts, Instrumentation & Physics absolutely free. No payments. No commitment.

Still unsure? No problem. I'm more than happy to show you the online course and give you a rundown on how the program works. No obligation. No commitment.

Or if you just want to ask me a question:

On the other hand, if the price point for this program is a little too high for you right now, you can schedule a one-off CT Tutoring Session or try out my self-paced CT Champion Course. 

How to get started...

Simply enter your details below to start the initial application process. I interview all of my prospective students before accepting any payment to make sure they are a right fit for the course, and that the course is a right fit for them. Apply now...what have you got to lose?

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