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Radiology Reception Essentials


Are you looking to start a career in radiology reception? Or have you been in the job for some time now, but finding the job challenging or unrewarding? Well the Radiology Reception Essentials course may be just for you!​

About the course...

This course lets you take a step back from the chaotic reception desk and focus on developing a solid foundation for a successful career as a radiologist reception.

The online learning platform allows you to go through the course at your own pace, in whatever order you like and as many times as you need. At the end of each module your knowledge will be tested with an online quiz.

You will learn all the things necessary handle anything your job throws at you with confidence and ease, such as:

  • What makes up a radiology department? An overview of the modalities, staff roles and how everything fits together.

  • Radiation Safety - Get an understanding on what radiation is, and how to work safely around it.

  • The Patient Journey - What does a patient really experience when walk through those doors?

  • Radiology IT - RIS, PACS, and all the software that is used in a radiology department.

  • Medicare & Billing - What a minefield! Rules, restrictions and item numbers...we'll unpack them all.

  • Patient Privacy & Interaction - An important topic that is often overlooked during training.

  • Radiology Terminology & Abbreviations - By far our most popular module! Search for any term using the electronic database.

  • Basic Anatomy - Learn the main bones and organs in the body to help with reading referrals and bookings.

  • CT Bookings & Safety - We take a more detailed look at CT preparation protocols and IV Contrast safety (add-on).

  • MRI Bookings & Safety The strong magnetic field makes MRI bookings more complicated than the rest (add-on).

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Who is the course for...

You could be someone with absolutely no healthcare experience, looking to start a new career as a radiology receptionist.

Or you may already be a radiology receptionist, however you found your initial training lacking in some key areas that is making your job difficult.

Perhaps you want to understand WHY things are done the way they are in your radiology department, rather than just memorising your company’s protocols and policies.

If any of these scenarios ticks a box with you, then what are you waiting for? Enrol today to kickstart a successful, confident and rewarding career in radiology.


The essentials...


Anywhere is the world, thanks to the magic of the internet! That being said, I live and work in Australia, and as such I have built this course based on standards and guidelines set by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR), plus Australian Medicare rules and item numbers. The majority of the course would be applicable in any country, however.


Depending on your background knowledge and motivation, allow between 2-4 hours to complete the course.


None at all! Come one, come all. You may want to do this course as preparation for an interview, at the beginning of your career, or well into your career radiology receptionist.


Radiology Reception Essentials


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